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Floruit Consulting Group
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Empowering. Inspiring. Engaging. 

Trusted business consultants offering professional consulting services to
Start-ups, Retail stores, Lawyers and Law Firms, Medical Professionals, Realtors, and Restaurants.

Every business needs a business consultant to help encourage growth, increase profits, and decrease workloads. We call this flourishing. We have the systems, processes, and experience to make your business (almost) 100% automated.

What separates Floruit Consulting Group from other Small Business Consultants or Consulting Firms? 

We pride ourselves on being honest and transparent with our clients. Our relationship with you is exactly that - a Relationship. You are not just a client, you become a member of the Floruit Family, and we take care of our family by being accessible and loyal to you and your business.  

Welcome to the Floruit Family.

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Floruit Consulting Group Small Business Consultants

Floruit Consulting Group

Our people shape Floruit Consulting Group. ]

We put our clients first.  Every decision we make is client-centric. 

Our people work as a team.
You will have the ambition and knowledge of an entire consulting firm working with you on growing your business

Jason L. Zatwick

IT Consultant

Jason works with Floruit clients who are either looking to develop software or technology for their business. Jason also provides technology training sessions. Jason is a professional chess player and is always looking ahead for the right move. 

Areas of Expertise:
Software Development
Network Administration
Cyber Security Specialist

Marlon G. Murr

Founder / Small Business Lead Consultant

Floruit was founded to help businesses and their owners flourish. Marlon has experience working with businesses in Canada and California. He is currently in-house with a law firm as the operations manager. From conceiving and selling businesses, to managing the front lines to learn a client’s business, Marlon has the experience and devotion you want on your team. In his spare time he is creating and exploring new recipes to discover and try!

Recent News:
2017 successfully founded a technology business, which was highly sought after and was ultimately acquired and sold. 

Camosun College
University of British Columbia
Justice Institute of British Columbia

Areas of Experience:
People and Talent Management
Operational Growth and Strategy 
Financial Budgeting and Analysis
Coaching and Business Development

Canadian Mortgage Brokers Association (CMBA-BC)
British Columbia Legal Management Association (BCLMA)

Flourished: A Business Owners Blog 

A Guide for Business Owners

This blog is a guide for business owners who want to grow their business and make a positive impact on their community. Join us as we report on current events in the business world, locally and internationally, provide third-party product insights and review videos, and continually educate our clients and ourselves through seminars and live events.

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Small Business Consultants in Vancouver, BC. Consulting throughout British Columbia and Canada.
Our clients include:

Law Firms | Medical Practices | Restaurants | Retail | Start-ups | and YOU!


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